Stained Glass Workshop

Friday 15th September, 7pm

An Introduction to Working in Stained Glass

Open Arts centre,

Waterloo United Free Church, Crosby Road North, L22 0LQ

Friday 15th September commencing 7pm

This will be an introduction to some of the main skills and techniques of decorative glass.

A short presentation will be given covering:

  • Glass and its history
  • Types of glass
  • Design Considerations
  • Safety and Safe Working
  • Tools and cutting
  • Bringing it all together

There will then be an opportunity to practice cutting glass and make a small decorative piece to take away.

Due to the materials and processes this event is for adults only.

This is an informal, "hands on" introduction and although safety advice will be given, participants take part at their own risk.

As this event forms part of a feasibility study, questionnaires will be available for feedback on the venue and event.

For further information:



07565 019 951